Monday, June 28, 2010

the 7 signs armageddon, according to islam

The major signs are those that will occur closer to the Day of Judgment, and they are said to be very extraordinary.These are the seven major signs of this day.
1. The appearance of Masih ad-Dajjal, the False Messiah (Masih):
Ad-Dajjal is said to be a beast who will come claiming to be God holding heaven and hell. His sole purpose is to deceive people and lead them away from the remembrance of God, and the unbelievers will follow him. He will have only one good eye and he will be blind in the other eye. On his forehead there will be a sign saying "Kafir", or disbeliever. He will perform some miracles which will serve to deceive some people.
The Islamic prophet Muhammad warned,
Whoever hears about the coming of Ad-Dajjal should stay away from him because by Allah, a man could come to him thinking of himself a strong believer but then he will follow Ad-Dajjal because of the doubts he will spread.[22]
There are many deceiving miracles Ad-Dajjal will perform to mislead the people on earth. He will appear between the cities of Iraq and Syria and will create disaster left and right. He will command the sky to rain and it will rain. He will command the earth, and it will produce crops. After grazing on these crops, their animals will return with their udders full of milk and their flanks stretched. When he will call people to come to a false region with him and they reject his call, he will leave them and they will suffer famine and will possess no form of wealth. Then lastly he will call a young man brimming with youth; he will strike him with a sword and cut him in two, then place the two pieces at a distance between an archer and his target. Then he will call to him, and the young man will come to him running and laughing. At that point, God will send Isa, (Jesus). He will search for the Ad-Dajjal and will find him at the Gate of Ludd (a city in Israel). They will engage in fierce battle and Isa will win. Then the Ad-Dajjal will be no more.
2. The appearance of Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj:
Ya'jooj and Ma'jooj are two hidden tribes of people. These tribes were disbelieving descendants of Adem (Adam). They will come in enormous numbers and will outnumber all the believers of the world. They will break through a barrier that God created to hold them back and ravage the earth. There will be multiple killings throughout the world, but Isa will take the believers to Mount Tur for protection. They will drink all the water, destroy plants and animals and kill people. This will occur roughly around the time of the second coming of Isa, Jesus. Finally, God will send a type of worm or insect that will wipe them out.
3. The appearance of the Dabbat al-ard (the strange beast):
The Dabbah is a strange beast who will have Nehushtan the Rod of Musa (Moses) and the Seal of Solomon. He will call people back to Islam. Some will heed to the call while others will reject it. The believers will then have a sign that says: "Believer" while the disbelievers will have a "Disbeliever" sign. The exact description of the animal is unknown.
4. Three huge earthquakes:
Three major earthquakes will occur on the day of judgment and they will damage a great deal of the earth. One earthquake will occur in the east, another in the west, and the third will be in the Arabian Peninsula.
5. The smoke:
Smoke will appear all over the earth that will cause believers to catch something similar to the common cold, whereas disbelievers will be hit harder by it. Finally, a cool wind will cause all the believers to die. This leaves all the unbelievers left on earth to experience the last hour of the day of judgment.
6. The sun will rise from the west:
This will be a major sign indicating that the world has reached its end. God has created the sun and He always made it rise in the east, however, at the end of time He will reverse this process by making it rise from the west. Once this happens, God will not accept the repentance of the disbelievers, it will be too late for them. "The rising of the sun to half of the sky after continuous darkness (in the Arabian Peninsula) equal to the time of three days. The sun will set again in its direction after reaching the sky's middle" as stated by Muhammad goes parallel to the phenomenon of the polar shift.
7. The return of Isa (Jesus):
Authentic narrations indicate that one of the major signs is that Isa (Jesus) will descend from the heavens in Damascus. Jesus will be the one to lead the believers in battle against the forces of The Dajjal. It is said that he will "break the cross" (disassociate himself from Christianity) and "kill the pigs" (return to the eating habits of the Jews), thus establishing the True Religion of God, i.e. submitting to His Divine Will.

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